Morgan Sindall Signs Up To Builder’s Profile

Builder’s Profile confirmed as Morgan Sindall’s supply chain solution 

Following extensive analysis of alternative strategies, Morgan Sindall plc have announced that from 2012 they will be using the Builder’s Profile service to collect and maintain all their supply chain PQQ information.

The Builder’s Profile offers a zero-impact solution appropriate to all sizes of        subcontractors, consultants and suppliers. Company PQQ information and supporting documentation is held online and made available to whoever needs to see it.

With this announcement, Morgan Sindall recognises that the Builder’s Profile offers the entire construction industry a solution to the inefficiencies of existing PQQs.

Paul Long, Builder’s Profile Operations Director, explained “Morgan Sindall are thinking beyond meeting just their own supply chain requirements. A Builder’s Profile saves subcontractors more and more time and money as more contractors agree to accept it.”

A statement from Morgan Sindall plc reads:

“By adopting Builder’s Profile, Morgan Sindall is providing subcontractors with the opportunity to have a single pre-qualification profile that can be submitted to a range of contractors whenever required. This will reduce the amount of time, and hence money, spent by subcontractors on completing questionnaires for different companies. We are delighted to spearhead this initiative which will lead to more sustainable practices throughout the industry.”

Over the next few weeks, every company already working with Morgan Sindall will be contacted by both Morgan Sindall and Builder’s Profile explaining exactly what this means to them and how they can best use the service to reduce their PQQ burden.

The Builder’s Profile is already accepted by many contractors such as Kier and Osborne and is supported by over 30 trade associations including long-standing supporters of the service, the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC) and the Builders’ Conference.

More information can be found at or


About Buildersprofile

We are a company committed to offering a genuine solution to multiple pre-qualification questionnaires.
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